Hello fellow HF members and visitors!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone about myself. I first joined Hammock Forums in May of 2011, and have been hooked ever since. Like most people here, I came here to learn about hammocks and hammock camping. Most of what impressed me was how much of a family everyone here is. There is a wealth of information on a variety of topic here, and most people were happy to answer any questions with out degrading or ridiculing a "noob", and no matter of how many times it had been asked before. What a great place to come and hang out! Pun intended! It's definitely the kind of attitude that makes a person want to hang around.

Aside from Hammock Forums, I like to hike, backpack, road and mountain bike, kayak, play with my daughter, fly RC helicopters, make gear....the list goes on and on...

I look forward to my new position on the forums, and hope that I can help continue the tradition of welcome that has made Hammock Forums one of the best communities anywhere!