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    Be careful with modifications on your WBBB

    I bought the WBBB a couple weeks ago. It finally shipped and I got it today.

    I planned to modify it with some whoopie slings, so I watched the video on the Warbonnet website on how to do it and went to set it up. It seemed to go up fine, however when I went to test my weight in it, the end of the hammock was almost completely torn off.

    Apparently, it came unraveled in such a way that the ridgeline of the hammock gave way and my entire weight was held by the small black strap for the suspension, which is basically attached to the bugnet and edge of the hammock itself.

    It completely destroyed the hammock to the point that it is unusable, and I didnt even get to lay in it yet... I emailed Warbonnet to see what my options are, so waiting for their response.

    I re-watched the video to see if I did something wrong, but as far as I can tell, I did exactly as it said. I also never heard of this problem from anyone else, so it makes me think I had to have done something wrong.

    I guess I just want to say, if you plan to modify the suspension of your WBBB, be extremely careful.
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