Hello Everyone,

As some things have changed with HammockForums, there
are some that are worried about the future of this forum.
I for one, do not worry ...... I don't think that we are going
to lose the great members that we have.

That being said, I think that we have a chance to make some
changes, For the Good of Hammock Forums. This is our time
to try out some new things, and pull in new members.

Before I get to my suggestion, please understand that is all
that this thread is.... just a suggestion. Please do not get upset
at me, or suggest that I leave the forum. I am just putting out
my opinion of how we can make this place better.


I think that there are two distinct things that we can do, to
get our information and media out to more people.

We need to release Podcasts and Ebooks.

Podcasts - there is a whole sector of internet users who only
view podcasts. We have zero exposure to these individuals.
I believe that it would be great to cultivate a Best of Week HF
Podcast, with some of the best articles, videos and discussions
that went on each week. It would be pretty simple to have a
thread dedicated to this, and members can suggest what topic
or video should be added in the weeks podcast. It would be
very easy to stream these on Winamp also.

Ebooks - We have a TON of information gathered on the site.
With the ability to release free ebooks for thousands to download,
why have we not compiled highly informative books? We can make
a definitive hammock book, a great DIY book, an informative book
about trail cooking and stoves, and several other books. I do not
think that this would be difficult to put together either. I personally
think that the best marketing would be free ebooks, but if we
wanted to charge for some of the more detailed information, we
could make easy money with that. The money could be used to
purchase "giveaways" to fund contests and other cool things for members.
It could even be used for HF swag. The charge and distribution would
have to be done with Attroll's blessing, but he might be amiable to
this, as it would not cost him anything, and could increase membership

What do yall think? Is it too much of a headache to put these things
together? I personally don't think it would be difficult, but is always
great to hear other viewpoints.