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    HH comfort vs. top load ease....

    OK, after extensive backyard experimenting involving both overnights and naps (oooooh naps, I LOVE naps....) I've come t o the conclusion that I am much more comfortable in the HH than I am in the Eagle Creek Nest (basic top loader without hoops). The EC just collapses on me and compresses my shoulders and arms too much. I don't quite get hammock design well enough to understand why though. (Is it the ridgeline?)

    I prefer the ease of the top load and the abilty to reach around outside the hammock while IN the hammock.

    I want the best of both worlds: The comfort I feel in the HH with the user friendly-ness (is that a word?) of the EC. Do I need to cut the bug netting off the HH? Or is there another hammock, maybe the Claytor Mosquito or Expedition, that will fit the bill without major surgery?


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    Try adding side tieouts to your eagles nest. You might also be hanging the eagles nest too tight or to loose causing shoulder squeeze. When you find a pitch that feels great, you can add a ridgeline. That allows you to get the same hang (all other things equal) each time you hang.
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    There are a couple threads that may help you out
    Thread 1 (this is a bit long, the punch line is in the last three pages.)
    Thread 2
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    It's not really the lack of ridgeline causing, but I bet a ridgeline would help solve it. Makes it easier to get just the right pitch every time, anyway. And it's the easiest mod. So I'd start there.

    If that doesn't work, add some tie-outs to the EC.

    If that doesn't work, add a zipper to the HH bug net between the shoulder tie-out and the head support. Then make or buy a gear hammock and hang it there. There's a pic in the gallery of this mod.

    Or add a zipper to the whole HH bug net so you can remove it!
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