So I purchased an Appalachian Hammock ( to mess around with. Due to its price and functionality (basic) I would compare it to an ENO.

- Ordering -
There are 3 options - Original (the one I got), DL Custom, and Original with no straps.

The Original is a simple single layer, 11' x 60" hammock, it comes with a set of straps and two black diamond carabiners, along with a stuff sack. The DL Custom is double layer and has a double ended stuff sack, also with the straps and carabiners.

Ordering was quick and easy and I received my shipping notification within 2 days with the hammock itself arriving at my home in 2 more.

The hammock itself is very easy to setup. Simply wrap the strap around a tree, make a bight, and attach carabiner. On my first use, I was able to have it up and adjusted in around a minute or so.

Laying in it I noticed it was extremely comfortable. The material feels great and is wonderfully breathable on hot days. Due to the width (60") it is possible to get a good flat lay without having a ton of extra material, but still enough for a taller individual (Im 6'0 and had no problems with space).

According to an individual on youtube, the Appalachian Hammocks do not stretch as much as ENO. I cant comment on the comparison to an ENO in this case because it has been so long since I have been in one, however I can say that I never felt the hammock trying to wrap around me.

There are only two negatives I can find with this hammock.

-The Straps: The straps the come with the hammock are a bit questionable in my opinion. I was able to set them up just fine, they held perfectly well and I didnt notice any stretch; However, when I was taking the hammock down I noticed just a bit of fraying where the carabiner was connected to it. I cant say for sure if this may become a problem later, it certainly isnt now, but just something to note.

-The Length: This isnt necessarily a negative, in fact on a nice day it is very much a positive; However, the length can be troublesome in rainy weather. At 11' long, you need a fairly large tarp to get good coverage on the entire hammock (or a storm / winter tarp). Using my Warbonnet Cloudburst (a big tarp IMO) I was barely able to get the entire thing covered it seemed. During a quick rain with some light but shifting wind, some water began to get on the foot end of the hammock. The nylon used on the Hammock repels water, so that meant that it pooled towards my butt.

Compared to my NX-250 (9ft L), or an ENO (9.5ft L), both of which can be covered quite easily by a large tarp in rainy weather, this can be a negative; However, if you have a tarp with doors, or can find a way to avoid shifting winds, then this wouldnt be a problem.

Everything is great except (maybe) the straps, and (maybe) the length.

I would recommend this hammock to anyone wanting a good warm weather hammock. Since you can order the hammock without the straps, I would recommend that option as well.