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    Canada>Ontario>Algonquin>EGL Canoe Hang - October 2013 - Algonquin

    Hello All,

    It's been a quiet summer, so I suggest we head up to Algonquin Park for a little light canoeing, some fine camp cuisine and some beautiful autumn scenery. After all, there's no better time to be in the Park.

    All are welcome. As usual, everyone takes care of their own rations, but I think we might be able to manage at least one big pot of hearty soup, something that would go down well on a crisp October night.

    Options on dates.
    • Friday October 4th to Sunday October 6th (Maybe 7th) (New Moon)
    • Friday October 18th to Sunday October 20th (Maybe 21st) (Full Moon) - My preference

    Added in response to Old Boot's query: As far as the destination goes, I was thinking something no more than a two hour paddle away. There's Ragged, Joe, Head (remember that little sylvan spot beyond the camp and over the hill?), Rock (Rose Island), Louisa (long portage = unlikely). And then there's Rain, Daisy, Butt, to name a few. Options are wide open. All I really need are some trees and good weather. One's easy to come by in Algonquin, the other... well, it'll be what it'll be...

    See you out there.

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