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    I took the hammock back out today and tried again. I cannot voluntarily move my biggest quad (vastus lateralis) while getting out - it seems to have something to do with the pressure on the side of my leg. I can't move it in a crouched position at all - though it is 'learning' to move with the other muscles in the area during my workouts now. I may be able to train it to move when getting out over time.

    It lean over and step out move is impossible for me.

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    I did pull the ridgeline pretty tight. I have no control over the muscles in my upper right leg when it is bent so I was having a real problem rocking forward to stand up with the hammock slit holding me back. When the hammock was very near the ground, I was able to get the left leg and arm out and take the weight off the hammock to get the right leg out. In the higher position, I ended up having to turn around and come out head first. There was no way I could get my legs out normally or stand up as some suggested.

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    i believe you said you would be at trail days. if so, there will be quite a few people there that understand the variables & will be glad to help you figure out the best solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frolicking Dino View Post
    A question for you fellows - what makes a top loading hammock more stable - extra width? Extra length and width?
    My opinion, fwiw, it seems more stable because I sink down deeper, bathtub style, in my Speer(top loader). Though the degree this happens can vary with the amount of sag you hang it with. The HH seems to me to be a much flater/wider floor when I'm in it, while the sides do not rise up as high above me. Which also translates to less tendancy to shoulder squeeze, at least when using the side tieouts. So I think it might be easier to roll, though you would have to really put some effort in it. Like I did the first night I ever used it. I ended up partly on the net after MUCH wild thrashing while trying to get inside my mummy bag in the dark! If I don't have enough sag in my Speer, in addition to the shoulder squeeze that occurs, it can actually be very difficult to get out at all. Much less roll out by accident. It's like I'm down in a bathtub! ( BTW, as different as they are from each other, I love both of these hammocks about equally, so far. Pros and cons for both!)

    Now, if you are talking about more stable getting in and out, I don't know that it is more stable. The HH seems extremely stable to get in or out of to me. Maybe the most stable. Just walk in, turn around and sit down/pull feet up. At a pretty good clip if you desire! Reverse for exit. But, the Speer is still plenty stable if you just take your time. No problem with either.

    It sounds like you are really sinking down a whole lot after you get in. I weigh 205lbs. Mine normally goes down 6 to 10 inches after I get in. BUT, the closer the trees, the less it sags. If only 13 feet apart with stout trees, it will sag almost zero. (of course, it stretched more when new) If your trees are near the spacing limits ( 26ft. for explorer, a little less for ULBP?) you are going to get a lot more drop. You will have to hang your tree huggers higher ( a good bit ) if the trees are far apart. At least I do.

    And at the most basic, are the trees stout or thin? Thin as in flexing some, or a lot? If the latter, you obviously will tend to hit the ground. And are your knots/lashing good, or are they slipping?

    As long as you are sitting in the opening while the hammock supports all of your weight, you are going to have a good bit of pressure on your legs as the hammock trys to close. But if I have mine hung pretty high, I just put weight on each side of the middle and the velcro pops open. Then I a foot out, put the other out, sit up and DROP out. Presto/chango, it's done in a split second. But if I sit there for a minute, it really trys to cut my legs in half, or at least it feels that way!

    And some of thst personal instruction from the pros at Traildays sounds like exactly what you need!

    Keep trying, and good luck!
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    Noone told me part of hammocking was Gymnastics...:0 lol Ut oh...I think Ill go with "the fairies made me do it" story!


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