Howdy from the PNW! I recently got into hangin' and I want to give my friends the opportunity to join me using some "loaner" gear that they might end up buying. The problem is I want to make everything as lightweight as is logical and I have 0 sewing experience, though I do have a helpful mother available . I plan on making 4 separate setups the first time around and have a few questions I need answered along the way that I haven't been able to find yet.

First, the plan:
(4x of each, assume materials purchased from QO)
- gathered end hammock out of 3.75 yards brown 1.9 ripstop
- 2x 10' 1" polypro med weight straps
- 2x whoopies and 1x "whoopied" ridge line from 40' am steel 7/64"

I plan to make that stuff pretty basic and as such it should be self explanatory (please waive red flag now if this is not advised for some reason). I *think* the only real questions I have about this part is whether to get Guntermann standard weight or heavy weight thread, and how much do you think I will go through?

Next, if this doesn't seem aggressive enough, I would love to make one or a few of those nifty cat cut hex tarps out of 1.1 silnylon that allows the ends to be folded into doors. I have a blueprint of the design already that I found, and I also understand what needs to be done... but is this thinking ahead to much? will I regret dropping the $(advise for both sets of projects)?

I apologize for thinking out loud... silently, but I would love some feedback or even encouragement.

- Yak