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    Hammocking in the Czech Republic

    My wife will be going over to the Czech Republic for a couple weeks. She's planning on taking a hammock to use on weekend excursions out from Prague. Does anyone have any experience hanging over there?

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    Hanging in EU

    Europe in general is v. densely built-up, and you'll need to find some greenbelt where you won't be bothered. I've stealth camped with a hammock outside Amsterdam for up to 2 months at a time, and absolute secrecy is a must. If you don't hide your gear it'll be pilfered while you're gone--wrap it in a black or green waterproof tarp and hide it far back in the bushes, etc., and don't be seen entering or leaving your site.

    Usually there's some distance to cover between the city and any isolated woods, so you'll be thankful for a 20" folding bike. With gripper horns on the handlebar ends you can even hang a full US army duffel (80 or 100 liter size) on the horns: Make a big paracord cargo net (, clip 2 big carabiners into it, and hook them over the horns. The bag's sag at the middle balances the load so steering is no hassle. So lose the racks, panniers, etc.

    The bike (no racks or fenders) comes to about 16 kg. checked luggage, leaving 4 over for stuff you can't carry on. The rest of the duffle is overhead bin.
    Good luck....

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