Hi all,

Thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself.

Where to start... Last year my dissatisfaction with ground camping reached epic proportions after a couple very uncomfortable nights snow camping. At the brink of doing someting drastic, I began researching other options and with Google as my guide, stumbled across Just Jeff's web page, Sgt Rock's web page and a plethora of very entertaining, yet extremely educational youtube videos by Shug.

These resources virtually and vicareously introduced me to hammock camping and I became very intrigued. Much time was spent reading, watching, and digesting. I bought some ripstop nylon (paid WAY too much at a local fabric chain) and a double layer hombrew speer style hammock was born! REI provided some biners and tubular webbing and a hammock hanger was born.

Not being one to test the waters carefull at times, after a couple hours of sea trials in my back yard, I embarked on a snow camping adventure which encountered the coldest temperatures I've ever camped in. A couple buddies and I trekked across the Mt Washington Wilderness in Oregon in January, seeing 5* F on the first night nas -2* F on the second.

Thankfully, I had a 0* mummy bag around the outside of my hammock, a 0* mummy bag quilt style on the inside of my hammock (a la Shug's video example) and a thermarest stuffed between the double layers of my hammock (a la Just Jeff and Risk). I was pleasantly surprised to be warmer than previous experiences snow camping on the ground, way more comfortable than my accomplices in tents and decided then and there that when camping I'll sleep in a hammock whenever possible.

The obligations of life don't let me get out as much as I'd like (kids activities, work and projects), but I'm waiting with great anticipation for the next winter season to gain some more expereince hammocking.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, and hopefully I can help someone along in the future.