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Enjoyed that immensely.
One thing, you said you're using the GoPro 2. How are you getting the audio to sound like you're right next to the camera, when actually, you're 30-40 feet away? It's like you're wearing a mic or something.
Good to hear that you enjoyed the video, trailryder42, thatís great!

I talk really, REALLY LOUD! lol No, thatís not it. Youíre right, I use a voice recorder, which has a mic plugged into it. The mic is attached to the inside of my shirt. Itís more fiddley, but does a good job. When using a GoPro 2, itís the only way to do it, because the GoPro records sound fairly badly, mostly because itís in a sealed plastic box.

Thanks for watching and for your comments, trailryder42!