As a result of the discussion that HF member DonRox started here, I'm headed to Mohican for the weekend. Fellow HF members jlink79 & robblandon have said they are in and will hopefully reconfirm here. And I believe DivaB was a maybe pending a possible trip to Cedar Point. Thats actually a tough choice if you love roller coasters.

I myself will be at Mohican on Thursday afternoon in the 3:00 - 4:00 neighborhood to signup for a Park & Pack site for me for the night and a site for the group for the following 3 days.

I have no itinerary planned but there are about 16 miles of the Mountain Bike trail that I have yet to hike and I would like to get those miles under foot during the weekend. I'll be hauling in several gallons of store-purchased spring water into the camp site we choose on Friday morning/early afternoon so no worries about filtering/purifying for the weekend.

Things to know:

1. There is a 6-camper limit at all of the Park & Pack sites except site 9 which has a 20-camper limit. If we end up with more than 6 souls we'll have to use #9 or a couple of adjacent sites.

2. Parking spaces are limited for sites 5-6 & 8-10. The parking lot for sites 1-4 & 7 is much larger but not a space we could use all of. Depending on the size of the group I'm sure an arrangement could be made to shuttle folks from one of the campground parking lots.

3. Fires are only permitted in the established fire rings at each Park & Pack site.

4. Park & Pack sites 1-6 are located along Bridal Trails. Sites 7-10 are located along a Mountain Bike Trail.

5. There is a very good fold-out Trail Guide available at the office for Campground A off of SR 3 that sells for $2.

Anyone that is interested in coming along would be more than welcome. I'm still new to the hammock and would like to see the setup from someone that is further up the trail if you will.

I hope to see you there!