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Sorry I wasn't able to get out there. I'm still filling under the weather.

About animal encounters: I do know in Wayne and up to Hocking Hills there have been bear sightings. One of these was from my boss 2 weeks ago. There have also be bobcat sightings in the same area and in the north eastern part of Ohio. It may be time to start hanging proper bear bags.

I have not heard about people causing issues personally. I do have a friend in Mansfield that let me know that that area is the Meth capital of Ohio and they are out cracking down. A park area like that may be a good area for drug dropes and deals so be on the lookout.
True that! Dakota and I had some scary sounds in Dillion Wildlife area on our last two Kayak trips, I couldn't even guess to what was making that noise no matter how hard Dakota pushed me to ease him ; and then we found out from the DNR on our 2nd trip that there had been a bobcat in our area. We didn't say anything; not only were we surprised about the bobcat; but we had been "stealth" camping along the river and didn't know he knew where we were Luckily, he was a very nice DNR guy.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!!