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    Hey all,

    Sorry I missed this hang, I hate it when life gets in the way. That said, Richard from Sierra Madre Research sent me one of their Nube Hammock Shelter prototypes that I was going to show off for him at the hang. He asked me to pass along to any one that is interested in ordering one, he will give you a 7% discount. When ordering use discount code MAHHA, here is the link to their site. I got one of his Pares hammocks and love it. It is like a cadillac version of an Eno Double nest. Sorry I missed the festivities and look forward to the spring hang. I am having a November NOVA hang at Prince William National forest if any one would like to join us and the thread link is below.

    Sierra Madre

    November Hang
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    Question Lost & Found; LNT Awareness Workshop

    Item 1:
    Thanks to all, especially those that logged in the miles driving to West Virginia. I only travelled 5 hours and I know many drove double that or more. Hats off to the organizers, vendors, workshop presenters, JD for arranging a local wood delivery, and everyone that pitched in to make it a success!

    Thanks to Pan & Smee's flint knapping workshop, I now have the skills needed to make gravel!

    I certainly hope we can have another fall hang at Watoga State Park as it was nice to extend our reach and hopefully the spring Pine Grove Furnace State Forest MAHHA is close enough for the Gathland State Park crowd.

    Item 2:

    Thanks to those 20 brave souls that let me turn my Leave No Trace fire hose on you for an hour; hope you were thirsty. It's 3 hour course and tough to whittle down to an hour. I appreciate everyone sharing your experiences; I learned a lot from you. If you've got a suggestion to improve the workshop, please email me.

    Special thanks to JD, Velcro, Fire-fly, and Biner for your contributions so I can buy more LNT educational materials for the next hang. I do appreciate it as volunteering does get expensive...

    MazTrain, thanks for learning about "micro trash" and picking it up at our campsite.

    If anyone's interested in another LNT Awareness Workshop (1 to 1.5 hours, depending on what you'd like to learn) at the next MAHHA express your interest when the 2014 planning thread appears so it's added to the agenda.

    Item 3: LOST & FOUND

    Someone left a stainless steel Green Canteen at (I believe) Sunday's LNT Awareness Workshop (Country Road/Pat, MazTrain & crew's picnic table). EMAIL me with your address and I'll send it your way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VATriker View Post
    I feel your pain. I was on the way, with wife (she camps in a popup) when disaster struck. Transmission cooler line popped out and I lost all my transmission fluid in maybe 800 yards. The location (highway 250 outside of Staunton, VA) was horrible since it was on a steep switchback uphill with no shoulder and no cell phone coverage. Luck was with me since there was an EMT vehicle returning from a call a few cars back. When my Dodge Dakota stopped they jumped out and took action. Super people! They were able to radio for a tow. I had to spend the night in a motel and the next day things were put right at a repair shop. Transmission was OK since I stopped so suddenly. Repair, tow, and motel costs came in around $600. Pretty lucky since if I had lost the transmission it would have been much more costly. Wife did not want to continue to the MAHHA so we went home.
    VATriker (Stu)
    Dang, VATriker! I think I know just about where you popped the line. Definitely not a good place to get stuck, so having the EMT's so close was really great. On the bright side, it looks like it was an easy fix & you partially winterized the undercarriage! After this weekend, I should be OK (I hope) for another 200K miles. Should be able to get to at least a couple hangs before doing it again.
    I'm really jealous that I missed out on all the fun. Sounds like it was a great weekend.

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    SquirrelGirl and I stayed an extra night. It got down to 32 degrees! We went to bed around 10:30 and it was already 38 degrees. Woke this morning and said some goodbyes to JD, Kangeroo + wife, Jsaults, and the deer that wandered through our campsite last night and this morning. The deer was 15 feet from our picnic table.

    We collected the offspring from my in laws and headed home. The house is an explosion of camping gear. Poor Squirrelgirl says she is having a hard time warming up.
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    Report thread

    The report thread has been started here...
    Those that have reported here may want to copy your report post & paste it there.

    Also, a companion thread for "What new gear, etc you learned about" has been started here...
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    That's all folks! Please lock this thread. Fall MAHHA 2014 = Oct. 17-19. Mark your calendars now!!
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