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    You could try Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics They're in the US, but they are located in Idaho. I find in most cases they are cheaper than Seattle fabric.

    In fact they have 1.4oz Ripstop on sale for 2.94/yd, as long as you don't mind the color Olive.

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    Hi Jakenull good to see another Canuck on here, even though Im considered Aussie now and bask in warmth I hail from the colder climates north of the 49th para. Let us know how your hammock comes along. Might have to gather the canadian for hang sometime

    Australian made tarps and custom gear.

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    Just yesterday I was at a Fabricland in Surry and found some 60" wide untreated polyester, camo colored for $2.00 per meter. I bought 8 meters. This material I would estimate at about 1.5 - 2 oz. Typically the ripstop they carry is .75 oz and might be a little too light. Stretching might be an issue. I agree that taffeta is a great material to use. Nice to sew and can be found at most fabric stores. Fabricland carry lots and I think the last time I bought some it was around $10 per meter. Sometimes not the colors you want. Check the bargain bins because sometimes you will find taffeta very cheap and in colors that is more appealing to us. They periodically put this on sale for 1/2 price. A couple of years ago I was checking the bins at Wally World and found a bolt of 3/4 oz RS nylon at $1.97 per meter. I bought all 50 meters. Drove the clerk crazy measuring it out.
    There use to be a kite shop on Granville Island that was selling RS nylon in 1.9 oz but I'm not sure they are still there or carry this any more? I suspect not. I'm trying to find mosquito netting (or no-seeum) reasonable but cannot find it. The store in Surrey carry all different weights but at $10 to $15 per meter, I'll keep looking. Good stuff though!

    I guess there is a few of us Canucks lurking here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan S View Post
    I guess there is a few of us Canucks lurking here.
    There's something more coincidental than that: there are at least two of us from the coast here—I'm from Sechelt, but live in North Vancouver currently.

    I know the original poster posted this in March, but I thought I'd add to this list with some other places that may be a good find.

    I was actually looking this up last night, and found a Yahoo Answers post querying the same thing… well, technically about lycra, but it was sort of a general outdoor fabric question:

    In it, the answerer recommended the following places:
    • Dressew: Hastings St. @ Homer St.
    • Textile Clearance House: Fraser St @ 41st
    • Rokko: 6201 Fraser St.
    • Various Stores along Main St. between the 6000-7000 block
    • Outdoor Innovations: 3293 Main St.
    • Vancouver Textiles: somewhere in Richmond just over the Knight st. bridge

    Of course, were I on the coast, I would head down to SewEasy in Sechelt, at the Trail Bay Centre, and ask the lovely people there—I'm sure they'd order it in were they not to have any in stock.


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    Well Scott it is quite a co-incidence. I live in Sechelt as well. There are also a few others living here as well that are getting into this hammock idea. I can see a possible 'Gathering' in the making. Would be a giggle.
    Our idea with the hammocks is to hike up into the Tetrahedron Range using the very minimum of weight. We are planning on doing this sometime in July maybe August. We want to go in up McNair Creek and set-up camp near the base of Panther Peak and hike to the top and back down the same day. Quite doable I think. Still tons of snow up there so it gives us lots of time to prepare. I think the peak is just over 6000 ft.

    Keep in touch.


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    Surrey Speaking ...

    Hi guys!!
    This is my first post on this site, but I have been absorbing as much info as possible over the past several months. I just finished a Claytor-style hammock and tarp for my 10 yr-old son, and am in the middle of sewing another for my daughter, for her 13th B-day.... I found all the materials at.... Walmart, taking full advantage of the 1.97 bin

    Another place I have been to with a decent selection is, if I recall correctly, called Save-on fabrics (no connection to the grocery chain) on King George, at around 60th or 64th.


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