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    Tier Gear - Australian DIY shop

    Hi all,

    Inspired by this site, the other members from Australia, and the lack of a central place for us Aussies to purchase DIY products I have harnessed my obsessive qualities to track down some products and start up a little online store. I have also incorporated my other love of sea kayaking, and will be adding items in this range soon.

    I have cut and pasted the below info I posted in the Australian DIYers thread earlier today.

    We now have an online store dedicated to DIYers in Australia . I have named it Tier Gear, as we look out onto the Great Western Tiers of Tasmania from our house and they are truly awesome.

    It is early days and there are more products to be added obviously but it is a start. I am in discussion with manufacturers and wholesalers trying to source essential items. Our focus will be on sourcing Aussie made stuff but obviously this is not always possible.

    I now have a contact for possible sourcing of fabric from China but will have to wait and see how that pans out, and whether I have the capacity to buy what is required.

    Anyway I hope it is helpful to you guys. I would be grateful for any feedback good and bad, and certainly suggestions as to what you would like to see in the store.

    Exciting times!

    Tier Gear

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    good luck in your venture.
    Hunger / Halloween Hang Oct 2015

    I am 18 with 45 years of experience !

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    Thanks mate.

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    To the Aussie hangers and anyone else who may be interested.

    We have added a few new products so we now stock:

    Australian made UHMWPE rope similar to Amsteel Blue but with a lower weight rating. Currently getting a few things destruction tested including whoopie slings made from the 2.5mm rope.

    Australian made 2mm VB cord which can be a cheap guy line cord.

    Australian made 25mm polyester seatbelt webbing rated at 1000kg

    Tier Gear made Whoopie slings

    Some ITW hardware items including barrelocs, and plastic D-rings. There is more hardware due next week. Most of this is made in New Zealand with some from China and the USA.

    I also have a heap of SMC descending rings on order.

    Fabric wise I have been in discussion with suppliers about importing some Cuben Fibre, and a variety of PU coated nylons from 70D through to 1000D High Tenacity Nylon. The PU coated nylons will likely be sourced from a wholesaler in Melbourne who already stocks it, and from the samples I have it looks high quality. The nylon is manufactured in China or Korea.

    Sil-nylon and regular ripstop nylon remain a challenge to source at this point in time at a competitive price and of sufficient quality, but i am trying.

    I have a received an email this morning from a vendor on this site, who shall remain anonymous at this point , who has offered to help with supplies, so will see how that pans out.

    If there is anything you guys would specifically like to see stocked please let me know.

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    Good luck with the new venture. It will be good to have a closer supply place for the gang living there.
    Take care,

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    Re: Tier Gear - Australian DIY shop

    Excellent. Will keep a watch out. Both are also hobbies of mine.. You may very well be my fav shop in the future.
    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEFIN 774 View Post
    Good luck with the new venture. It will be good to have a closer supply place for the gang living there.
    It is well overdue for us down here I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DENMONKEY View Post
    Excellent. Will keep a watch out. Both are also hobbies of mine.. You may very well be my fav shop in the future.
    Good luck
    Thanks Denmonkey.

    I have spent quite a few years in Newcastle and surrounds, and my wife is from there. So you are a kayaker - you don't happen to paddle with the Hunter Kayak Klan by any chance?

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    Some good news

    Cuben fibre should be stocked soon . The ultra lighters are very keen to see this in the country.

    Also keep an eye out for top quilts and under quilts from a well regarded vendor off this site. It should save us Aussies on some postage costs.

    My next focus will be on some ripstop nylon and sil-nlyon - just waiting to hear back from a supplier.

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    Wilderness Logics quilts

    We will now be stocking some of Marty's quilts . Very excited about this one.

    Wilderness Logics Aussie Connection thread

    Plus I added a few more hardware items today: side release buckles, ladderlocs, triglides.

    Cuben Fibre will be on its way soon, and am also getting some samples of ripstop nylon, and silnylon sent to me prior to ordering.

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