I just woke up after sleeping in my hammock setup in the rain. My hammock is a little damp but my new prodigy top quilt kept me sweating all night in 50' weather.
Tim at enlightened equipment answered all my emails almost immediately and helped me pick the quilt that was right for me.
I got the tall and wide version with 10d nylon inner and outer shells.
The water resistant shells and synthetic insulation are perfect for unpredictable New England weather.
I bought a summer weight down UQ this summer from a cottage vendor and was disappointed at what I got for the huge money I paid. I took a gamble on this top quilt and couldn't be happier.
The build quality is excellent with many options for mounting a pad to the TQ or even turning it into an UQ.
I know I could've done a better job on the review but since I just woke up warm after a rainstorm and very happy with this thing, I wanted to post something.
My next quilt or 5 will be Enlightened Equipment. Lets face it, cottage vendors make great products but the average working man can't afford 1,000 for a couple of camping quilts. I think Tim at Enlightened Equipment does a great job at making some of these quilts more accessible to the working man.
Hang Loose And Hang Often
Sorry for the crappy pics.