Was looking at rain jackets after posting in the Marmot Precip thread. I have one, and it is great, but I have been using it for work since I work outdoors, and when I do so I am extremely careful to not ruin the jacket. That is a tough task, and I have been thinking about just allowing myself to let go and use it for work and whatever happens happens. If I do that, I would like to get another one for backpacking - light weight to UL.

After browsing briefly I saw a Pertex rain jacket by Lukes Ultralight at 4 ounces. I am curious as to the water repellant/proofness of this fabric, or this jacket in general.

I would like it to withstand whatever rain is thrown at me as a just in case scenario to which I can stay dry.

Silnylon seems like it wont breathe and after 5 minutes of walking in a summer rain storm I would be sweating.

I love pit zips.