Hey guys,

I've been scouring the internet and this forum for helpful info, but nothing quite hits the mark. I'm hoping a few folk with actual experience in the rainforest/jungle will be able to help me out. Me and my hubby will be heading to the Ecuadorian jungle and can't decide which would be best (see title).

Has anybody hung out in the amazon jungle with a Vertex - was there enough space/trees to hang it, and how did it hold up against mosquitoes and the cooler night temperatures? Or is a single hammock per person better in that environment? Is the terrain suitable for a Vertex?

Is a NX250 overkill? Some websites report that night time temperatures can drop to 7 C (45 F), which really is the only factor counting in its favour. And will I need some sort of under insulation anyway.

The TX250 has a thicker more mosquito resistant bottom (vs the extra pockets of the NX), but is therefore also cooler. Would this be a problem in the jungle at night time temperatures? And if I would need under insulation for the NX anyway, wouldn't a TX be better?

I like the extra netting on the TX - does the pockets of the NX really provide that much boost in insulation from the bottom?

Any help from somebody that's been there would be much appreciated. or somebody who owns a Vertex as well as a NX/TX.