Rules -

1. You must have a minimum of 50 posts before starting a new For Sale thread. Bypassing this rule by posting rapidly to raise your post count is not allowed, and will result in loss of access to the Marketplace forums. There is no minimum for posting in the 'Want To Buy (WTB)' subforum.

2. Items listed in the marketplace must be related to outdoors gear.

3. Items listed in the marketplace should be listed with a selling price. No auction-style posts, no bidding on items, or linking to auctions.

4. Do not post links to websites that offer referral bonuses or kickbacks.

5. When items have sold, please reply to the thread and mark them sold or that funds have been received.

6. No off topic discussions are allowed in FS or WTB threads. Off topic discussion will be deleted at the moderators discretion.

7. Firearm sales are not allowed.

8. If PayPal is used you may not use the "Send money to family or friends" payments option. You must use the "Pay for goods or services" option.

9. Do not play "price police" and make a public post in another member's thread about where a product can be found at a lower price. A simple Private Message to the seller may be helpful, though.

10. Buyers must always post an "I'll Take It" in the thread where the sale is advertised. This creates a public record of the intent, and officially claims the item. Posts *always* over-ride PM inquiries when there is a debate. In the case that there are multiple claims, the first "I'll take it" in the thread gets the first right of refusal.

11. "I'll take it" is the only acceptable term for getting the first chance to purchase an item. Terms like "I'll take it pending PM", or "I'll take it, but with questions" do not reserve you the first right of refusal.

12. Once an "I'll take it" has been posted, the buyer has 48 hours to submit payment to the seller. If funds aren't received in that time, the seller may take the next offer for purchase.

13. When you post a new For Sale thread, you will have to select a prefix here
Click on the area and select . This will automatically preface your thread with FS: (thread title). You will not be able to post a new thread until the prefix is selected.

14. Hammock Forums Marketplace Rules must be read, AND followed, in order to maintain access to the Marketplace. Members who disregard these rules will face suspension of their access to the marketplace for an undetermined amount of time, at the Hammock Forums staff discretion.

Guidelines -
1. Use thoughtful caution when purchasing. Consider how long has the member been on the forum, and the amount of the transaction.

2. Communicate clearly, frequently, and calmly. This eliminates frustration for both buyers and sellers.

3. As per rule 8 - Never ever use the 'I'm sending money to family or friends' payment options when purchasing. This does not automatically supply the shipping address to the seller, and it strictly limits the buyer's options for any refund if there is a problem with the transaction.

4. Consider using a shipping method that can offer tracking or delivery confirmation. USPS Priority is a good option for U.S. addresses.

The Fine Print -

- Hammock Forums is not responsible for transactions or goods exchanged.

- If there is a dispute, please PM one of the moderators.

- The Marketplace forums are meant for individuals selling surplus or unwanted gear only. It is not a place for members to start their small business endeavors.

- Hammock Forums welcomes those who wish to offer a hammock related item or service to the other members of the forum. Those wishing to offer a hammock related service or product should first contact one of the moderation team to make your intentions known and then post relevant threads in the Other Vendors and Services subforum.

- The Marketplace forums will be kept "tidy". Old threads deemed inactive will be moved to the SOLD sub-forum, at the discretion of the staff. If you are trying to sell your item, a simple "bump" of the thread will suffice in keeping it active.

Sold Item Sub-Forum

- With the addition of the sold item sub-forum, you will now see a thread has been moved after the item has sold. You will notice a re-direct to the original thread, but this re-direct will expire after (3) days.

Update (March 20, 2014):