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    Derek Hansen's presentation to Scouting.

    I just saw Derek Hansen's interview on the Scout Circle podcast. You can see it on Youtube at:

    Very well done, Derek. He has a good interview style, confident, knowledgeable, and pulled in information of interest to the scouting community, like the hammock use of the first scoutmaster, Robert Baden-Powell. I wonder if we will be seeing even more traffic on the website.
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    Thanks for posting this ag1024. I had to miss the original and I'm glad to see it.

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    Derek- Well done! I can't think of any you tube video I have ever watched with as much enthusiasm as that one.
    Happy Trails to one and all.
    Enjoy the outdoors wisely and elevate your perspective.

    Modified Penny Wood Stove instructional Video-

    Hammock Wheel

    Another Really cool JC Penny Puffer instructional-

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