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    Madera Hammock Stand Varient

    Being new to hammock camping, and not always being able to choose a campsite with two trees, I wanted a stand that was portable, so I wouldn't need to be too terribly concerned with getting stuck with going to ground more often than not.

    I found the Madera Hammock Stand design appealing, but it didn't look like it would support my weight all night, so I decided to make my own varient.

    I used two 3' long 3/4" galvanized threaded pipe from Home Depot, with a 90* elbow connector (I may change that for a 45* one if such a thing exists, so I can get more height out of it).

    I secured it to a SUREswivel dog tie out (which is tested to withstand 1000lbs according to the package) using a Super Beast tie out cable (which is meant for dogs 250lbs).

    The 15' is way more than enough cable, so I had to wrap it around a few times, and used the other end to attach directly to my hammock.

    I was able to hang with about an inch and a half clearance. I didn't have time to hang for very long, just 10 minutes, but I will be bringing it along this weekend on a campout, and will let you guys know how it preforms in the field.

    I also added a pole from an old broken tent to use as a ridgeline support for my bugnet/rainfly, and bungied it to the stand.
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