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    Just got my first order, today. Great service and products. Thanks, Gary!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zilla View Post
    You know extrekker , you can order a set of straps and have the words ready straps or anything else printed right on the straps,he does the printing and it is very affordable.
    He most likely wont even charge for the words ready strap if you ask him nicely

    Any thing at all for the label

    Sorrry...but to me, this is just down right sexy!

    These straps were custom made by Gary exclusively for the Thunderbird that I will be receiving very very soon!...5' long, 2" webbing sewn to 8' of 1" webbing.
    For the record... this wasnt my idea (design). He had made a pair for another customer, different color. He also designed the label for me. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone looking for anything webbing related!

    P.S. I do not work for Gary, nor have I, nor will I receive payment of any type for this announcement
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