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    WL 3/4 UQ, 15* TQ
    Web w/drip rings
    Marty is awesome. I got my new Hammock (NX-250) about 3 weeks ago. I looked at the weather for where our trip this past weekend was and realized I needed an UQ ASAP (I had ten days from when I called Marty).

    Marty asked me what I wanted and said he was cutting the fabric and would cut one more for me and start making it right away. I put the order in through his site and true to his word the UQ shipped last Monday and I had it in plenty of time to trial fit to the hammock before venturing into the woods on Friday.

    The 3/4 UQ worked perfectly and I was toasty warm both nights (40* and 36*). It is only a matter of time before I save my pennies for the TQ as well.
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    I have 3 WL quilts and they serve me well. I prefer them over all the others I have owned or own...Never tried their tarps.
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    I have a summer series UQ & TQ, top and a Tadpole tarp from WL and am happy with them all.
    (Edit: I also have a Nest UQ from Jacks R Better and a 20* TQ from Hammock Gear. How did I accumulate all of this downy goodness? An I still feel like I need a 0* or 20* UQ.)
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