I'm hoping someone with some experience can share their knowledge.

I'm 275 lbs, so I'm right on edge of what most vendors recommend for double 1.1 or single 2.3

I'm also not sure if I'm going to want a 10" or 11" hammock. I'm just shy of 6'.

I currently use a Big Agnes bag with a pocket for my exped mat, and I'll probably purchase an UQ someday, so I don't need the double layer for my pad. The mat has been keeping in place fine underneath me in my BA bag pocket.

I have a Kelty Noah 12x12 so it will cover any size (someday I'll upgrade to a lighter tarp).

So my questions are these:

is a 2.3 or double 1.1 material preferable and why?
10' or 11' length?
for vendors that let you specify width, how wide and why?

Hammocks on my short list are:
Roaming Gnome
XLC Blackbird
Night Owl (and then I'll need to get a bug net and ridgeline)

The main reason I want my hammock to be my next purchase is that the Easy Traveler it much too small for me so I can' get a diagonal lay.

BTW, if you get an 11 ft hammock, it is possible to just retie the end knots 6 inches down on both sides to effectively turn it into a 10' hammock?

Thanks for any input or advice you can give.