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    Idea for an underquilt

    I had a thought today, and it's a new idea for an underquilt. It would be to make an almost like an air mattress, but under you. So basically an underquilt filled only with air. My thought process was that since air is the best insulator, it would warm you more/ it would be lighter. What are your thoughts?

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    Idea for an underquilt

    I think it might still be cold. With just air to insulate I would think that the air would change temps too easily. A friend of mine uses plain non insulated air mattress in his tent and said once the temps get lower than 45ish that it gets too cold.
    Not sure if anyone has tried taking a sleeping mat and strapped it underneath

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    air is not the best insulator. its the reason we put insulation in walls and argon gas between glass panes. if you put down in with the air ?? like some of the high end sleeping pads.
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    Air is a good insulator if it is not allowed to move. Down, prima, apex, etc. all seek to provide light ways to prevent the encapsulated air from moving around (preventing convection within the space/mat)

    The air mat is designed for comfort primarily. The use of down adds insulation but the pressurized air is to keep you off the ground. Without the requirement of keeping you suspended (bc your hammock does that) you simply have a down filled underquilt.

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    I can't sleep on blow-up mattresses because I freeeeeze. And that's indoors. Yes, I'm a cold sleeper, but the air in the mattress gets cold in the night. I need to place some other form of insulator between me and the mattress. So I think in essence the mattress might be similar to sleeping on an uninsulated hammock - after the temps drop below our body's desired comfort level, it would be a cold night.

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    Air is the best insulator if convective current's can't develop - aka you have a bunch of tiny little air pockets. If you have a large chamber filled with air convective currents will develop and you'll be cold.

    Down, synthetic insulation, fiberglass, closed cell foam, pretty much every thermal insulator we use has the goal of creating those tiny air pockets. The materials themselves aren't as effective as the air they trap.

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