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    Went on a quick overnight this last weekend with nearly half the boys from my troop (the other half are playing football this season, and had a game scheduled on Saturday). It was the first time I've used my hammock to camp in, and it was great!

    I was well prepared after reading so many posts here, so I had no problems upgrading from being a ground dweller to a hanger. I most of the boys are interested in hanging now too.

    We left the boat launch around 9am on Saturday, and canoed across Horr Pond to a dock (about a mile), and set up camp. Since I wasn't able to get a straight answer as to if there were sufficient trees in the area to hang, I brought my modified Madera stand, but ended up not needing it.

    We then canoed/hiked to the Ja-She springs and went swimming for a while before checking out some of the other campsites in the area.

    As we were returning to camp, we were getting attacked by mosquitoes and mayflies, so I was glad I had set up my bug net over my hammock earlier. The forecast called for clear skies and a low of 48*, so I didn't bother with my rainfly at all. I took the advise that someone posted and put my ccf pad in my sleeping bag so it wouldn't move about while I slept, and it did stay put, and kept my backside warm enough, the only problem I had with that layout is that my back from shoulders to ankles ended up getting damp, so if I set up that way again, I'll probably put my towel down between me and the mat.

    Sunday morning we took off on one of the trails/fire roads and under the guidance of a Forester, cleaned it up as we went along, removing dead limbs and tree shoots that would impede the fire trucks should they need to use the road.

    We then packed up and headed for home. All in all it was a great trip, and a fantastic first field hang!
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