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They are very nice grills - nothing but the best for the ReserveAmerica customer! Ever notice how the grills showed up at the same time they went to ReserveAmerica? Or that trees started getting cut down at the campsites around the same time?
Well, once they decided to go online, they had to carve out clearly delineated sites. And by doing that, they of course needed to have a place for a fire in each and every site. So that makes sense - totally understandable. If you're going to say "this site has room for x number of tents", then you need to make sure people don't set up 1 tent and make their own fire pit in the spot where the other tents would normally go. I did find it amusing that they're fixed to the ground and can't be moved, though. There was a perfect hanging spot at site 4 at lower forge if you could move the fire pit out of the way ...

I don't, however, understand why they needed to cut down trees. They clearly didn't remove stumps or anything, so it's not like they made more room for more tents or anything. The only think I could think of was that perhaps some of the trees they judged to be a falling risk for where they decided tents could/should go, and pre-emptively cut them down.

Either way, it sucks both for the trees, and us hammockers. But as long as ReserveAmerica gets their $9, I guess we're not that important.