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    Newbie needs help

    Well, after spending a small fortune and a multitude of mistakes, and finally getting my tent set up where I want it, I've come to the conclusion I need to try hammocking to get a good nights rest. I'm starting out with zero knowledge other than a few nights in a $19.95 Byer in the back yard. Keeping the total set up weight under 5 lbs is a must, thats a few ounces heavier than my current tent set up. I'm looking at using the Grand Trunk Nano 7, the asymetrical cuben Z-pack tarp and converting a 700 fill sleeping bag to an under quilt and using my Marmot Helium sleeping bag as the top quilt. My concerns are: will the small tarp give me enough protection and will the Nano 7 be large enough to sleep well. I looked at the WB Blackbird 1.1 double and would like to go with it so I could use a sleeping pad but it's too heavy. Any input or suggestions is much appreciated...thanks to Sgt Rock for the post detailing a set up <13 oz and $300...very helpful.

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    Your going to have to decide on what you like/want.
    Comfort/Price/Weight. Pick two.
    Some folks find the hammock comfortable. And a hammock setup can be slightly heavier than a T**T. (we don't say the "T" word around here) Is comfort worth the weight for you?
    Nano has a big following and many enjoy them. Are they comfortable? That's a choice you have to make. We are all different sizes, shapes, sleep styles.

    Compare apples to apples when you decide on your purchase. Your wbbb choice is wise but it is a lot more hammock than the nano. It has netting, two layers of fabric, is longer... You really can't compare the two (wbbb v. nano)

    Tarps- Same story. Decide on what you want. Storm protection or minimalist? Minimalist tarps are just that..minimal. Can you stay dry? Sure. Tuck yourself up inside the tarp nice and tight. Make sure it cover's the best you can, and hope for the best.

    UQ-Many diy projects here on the forum. So go for it.

    A good night's sleep is priceless, a dry warm nights sleep is, well you get the idea.
    Peace of mind is also priceless.
    Do some research. Figure out what you want your system to do.


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    If we're dealing with a budget, you can't go wrong with a diy 1.1 with some ucrs. That is pretty easily made, and will free up dough for more cuben coverage, or lighter purpose-designed down. And I think all the hammocks lighter than 1.1 oz ripstop are still in the experimental phase, so the weight is all in the size you want/need.
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