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    Quote Originally Posted by Drybones View Post
    using the Exped Synmat 7 UL pad I have as bottom insulation. ... My concern is with the pad, would it do the job in a hammock, works great on the ground.
    I used that pad (or a slightly older model) in my Hennessey for a long time, til I made the first of two DIY UQs last winter.

    I found the partially inflated inflatable to conform to the curves of the hammock and me much better than a CCF pad, which tended to buckle instead. I also found the inflatable to be plenty warm enough ... where it was under me. But any part that hung off the pad and against the sides of the hammock? COLD. I used a seatpad and various pieces of clothing to insulate my butt and knees, but they had to be shifted every time I turned over. A pain in the butt.

    So, that pad will work, and better than a CCF, but not nearly so well as an UQ, based on my experience.

    As far as using an REI sleeping bag for a TQ, I did the same thing for a long while. But half the bag is barely insulated at all (the bottom half), so you're not evenly warm when using it as a TQ. Just FYI.

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    My wife uses a combination pad and DIY Insultex UQ. Eliminates those cold spots that Rain Man talks about and she really likes the combo. Uses the pad in a double layer claytor for about 5 years now. I prefer UQ, she prefers pad. I just do my best to keep her happy.
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    If you already have the Exped pad, consider buying the Exped Ergo combi hammock- they are 'made for each other'.

    That was the reason I went to the Exped Ergo Combi - I had the pad already, and wouldn't have to worry/buy/carry different under-insulation for the hammock. (I usually carry a tent in my kayak anyway- some nice spots don't have decent trees...).

    If you are 'technically inclined', a look at/analysis of the Exped Ergo will make you realize that the end-hung hammocks are 'fighting reality' when the goal is sleeping flat.

    The Ergo is too complex/sophisticated to replicate in DIY, so you do need to buy the 'real thing', unlike a lot of the other hammocks on the market. It seems expensive, but does come with an excellent large tarp and integrated bugnet, (and suspension and tree straps and ridgeline) so is only a few dollars less than a WB double or similar with a Superfly. And you won't need an UQ unless perhaps you are sleeping out in winter (below freezing) - I've slept in 40F with the Exped pad and a loose sleeping bag as TQ and been comfy; I've no idea where the low temp limit is on using the pad in the Exped Ergo.

    Big disadvantage for a beginner like me with the Exped Ergo : NO PLAY VALUE!
    You pull it out of the bag, set it up, and it works. Nothing to buy or make, no experiments needed.....

    I posted a review here somewhere (not much interest here in Exped); you can read that or pm me if you need any questions answered.

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    I have used a full-length ThermaRest in my hammock, before I got an underquilt. It's "just ok"... the part it covered was fine, but it's not wide enough to get up around your shoulders (just like a standard foam pad isn't). Needs to be about a foot wider.

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    I use a therma rest and it's hit or miss. saving for an uq

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