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    Quote Originally Posted by JumpinJackJim View Post
    What I meant by reflectix above is a space blanket -that super thin crackly Mylar stuff. One came with the super shelter set up. Not sure that Hennessey included one in past, but it works very well between OCF pad and hammock. Noisy while setting up, but not a problem at DL, once you get in.

    The bubble pad seems to really be made to go inside hammock, like you would use a Wally pad or thermarest. Nice part is that it has some anchors to keep it in place.
    OK, I thought that was what you meant.

    One come with the HHSS? Well, that's new! Maybe they decided it was the best way to get people to actually use the SB, hopefully decreasing failure stemming from not using the SB as recommended?

    Re: noise: same for me, they are very noisy- especially the cheaper ones- but I never hear them once I am in the hammock. For others, YMMV.

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    I have an Explorer and HHSS that I have used down to the 15-18'F range without issues. I put the OCF pad and SB under me, then a windshield reflector in the hammock and a 0' synthetic mummy bag. I have used that setup without condensation issues. On my most recent low temp outing, 18'F, I took the HHSS and Sb, and my 0' kelty cosmic down bag without the reflector. I had serious condensation issues. Not sure if it was the reflector or down vs synthetic, but next time ill be taking the reflector.

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