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    VIDEO: First Look - ENO Down Quilts

    ENO sent me their down-filled quilts to review (and then send back *sniff*). Here is a first look for those interested in these quilts.

    Bottom line: ENO has done their homework on quilt making. The quilts are very well made with some innovative features I'd like to use on my own quilts. The weights are reasonable, although not the lightest. So far, the quilts have met their warmth rating and I'm looking forward to testing them in colder conditions.

    The real issue for me is cost. For a 750-fill quilt set, the price is pretty high (roughly $60 more), especially compared with cottage-made quilts that use higher fill power, warmer rating, and have a lower cost.

    You could look at this in a few ways: 1) cottage vendors are under-selling their gear (I agree with this); 2) with "mainstream" vendors like ENO selling quilts, that will only elevate quilts in the market and lift the cottage vendors as folks search for less expensive options (possible); or 3) ENO (or other "mainstream" brands) need to lower their prices (probably not going to happen).

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    Great review of the new Eno offerings, thanks for doing that!
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    I have the vulcan and love it. A little pricey but REI offers the one year return policy and I had some discounts as well. Works great for me.

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