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    A slight Dilemma...

    So I am new to Hanging. I've got a HH and did my first real hang the other weekend. Temps probably dropped down into the low-40's during the night. I was more then toasty in my sleeping bag (rated to 20'f) and basically slept in it like I would my bed (aka just my boxers on). I was smart enough to get the reflective pad with my HH but kept getting cold-spots - whenever I rolled over or shifted around and the pad shifted, then inadvertently part of me would come off the bad and due to the compressed sleeping bag, that part of me would get cold.

    I live up in CO, around 8000'ft, and plan on doing some winter hanging. Anywhere from 8000 - 10000ft of elevation. I'd expect the temperatures to get into the single digits during the nights, if not colder. And thus my dilemma.

    We got our first snow above 9000ft today. The campsite I'd go to is around that elevation in a valley, near a creek, so will probably have snow and be pretty cold. I am looking for an Underquilt, but would like some more information. They all seem quite expensive (especially in relation to the actual hammock!).

    Ideally, I'd have one that I can use year round. Given how 'hot' I sleep, I imagine in the summer months I can use my sleeping bag as an overquilt or ditch it for a bedsheet or something even lighter when its hot out (50+ at night). I guess I am more worried about freezing on the cold nights though. So...

    -Recommendations for a quilt?
    -Is there a good 3-season UQ that I can pare with my sleeping bag for winter months?
    -Should I also look into getting an OQ? What sort of rating?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    A 20 degree UQ is a good start. I've used my 20* Phoenix down to about 13 degrees and as high as 73 degrees.

    I also have a 0 degree full-length Incubator I've used from 73 down to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. It's pretty easy to vent in hotter weather.

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    There are so many great cottage vendors that make some awesome UQ/TQ's. Just a few, and sorry to any I forget.
    UGQ, Hammock Gear, Wilderness Logic, Arrow Head Equipment, Jack's R Better, and I just drew a blank. (Darn getting older) Well, that will get you started anyway..
    I recommend you do lots of research before you buy.
    "No whining in the woods"

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