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    Thanks for the quick service!

    I ordered two ridgeline organizers just last week. Knowing they are made to order, I figured it was going to take a while to get them, but I got an email yesterday that they have shipped already. I should have them Thursday. I've got a trip planned for the week of October 10th, so I'll have them in time and didn't think I would.

    Thanks for the great service!

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    You're quite welcome...I was able to sneak your order in between two larger ones!
    Enjoy you're trip!
    2QZQ Hammock Specialties
    Specializing in:
    Hennessy Hammock zipper modifications
    Sewn on Tarp doors, Pole Pockets, and Grizz Beaks
    Ridgeline and gear organizers, peak storage bags, UQ protectors,
    2QZQ tree table!

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