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    Double layer 1.1 - because I use a 40" wide ccf pad for insulation, I wanted a pad pocket because I don't like laying directly on the ccf pad, and I weigh in at about 160#, so I figured the lighter weight 1.1 fabric would work for me.

    Adjustable ring buckle webbing and suspension - Its just very easy to use and I like being able to adjust the hammock from under the tarp when its raining. Also, I'm not a knot person.

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    Just an update to say that my BB should be on the way by tomorrow 5/9. I chose a double 1.7, standard configuration, OD green, with webbing. Thanks to everyone for the help. I wonder if I'll need to switch from the MacCat Deluxe to an Ultra (got to keep the economy going).
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    I wonder if I'll need to switch from the MacCat Deluxe to an Ultra (got to keep the economy going).

    I used the Speer Winter tarp with mine. I will use that tarp even in the summer since it is so light.
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