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    Tent poles in porch mode.

    The goal with my hammock setup is to try to maximize and balance versatility, comfort and weight.

    I previously decided that using my hiking poles for spreader bars was not an option because I wanted to use the hiking poles while setup in porch mode. But now I'm thinking that I could use my hiking poles as the spreader bars and get a light weight set of custom length tent poles, like the ones used in the no sew Superfly pole mods, and use those as supports in porch mode. I figure that with the Aluminum poles I stand to save 5oz or so, not sure about how much with even lighter materials. I can't believe I actually consider 5oz a weight savings worth going after, but when you're trying to put together a comfortable 30 pound 5 day kit, these kind of weights can add up.

    Anyone else doing something like this?

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    I wish, I still haven't got a setup light enough or compact enough to make it 5 days in the back country with food and everything.
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    If you're set to use the hiking poles as spreader bars, look to trail sticks for porch mode. I haven't run into a hang site that hasn't had something, either nearby saplings close to the 2-trees, or knock down that couldn't be used. Even if you only find one, that is enough to hit the mark.
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    If you use the full tent poles that stretch from tarp corner to corner over the hammock all you need is to stake the tarp down as usual then loosely tie the corner tieouts to the stakes.

    The rigidity of the tent poles make a great porch mode.

    You could do this in all 4 sides to if you like and your tarp would be flat across kept up by the rigidity of the poles and held down by the corners being tied straight down to the stakes.

    The additional benefit to this is you can go from porch mode to fully battened down from the comfort of the hammock just by tightening the pullouts down to the ground.

    Out of all the pictures I've taken of my setup, porch mode is the only one I don't have unfortunately.

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