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    Clothing as mild bottom insulation

    Quick thought about bottom insulation.

    In double layered hammocks,using clothing between layers for a bit more insulation in mild summer/spring weather.
    For example put two fleece or synthetic/wool/down midlayers and 1-2 baselayers.

    Would it work??
    Or will the minimal loft minimize any agains,due to (convective i think is the word,when its the air) heat loss?
    Also it wouldnt move around a lot compared to some annoying slippery pads.

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    I think you summed it up in your second to last sentence. If you find your pads slipping around between layers you might try some small pieces of non-slip rug pad. I used them with good results with my sleeping bag + sleeping pad back before I discovered hammocks.

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    In theory and backyard lab applications, I'm sure it would work...

    However, in Summer weather, I personally wouldn't be carrying "two fleece or synthetic/wool/down midlayers and 1-2 baselayers" with me...

    Even on my Fall trips (Sep/Oct) in the Adirondacks, I still only carry a single fleece or wool shirt, poncho, spare socks, and a very thin set of Durafold longjohns (top and bottom) which are worn to sleep in...

    Leaves and forest debris, however, are a different story, and would work fine. I've slung my poncho underneath my underquilt and filled it with leaves to add a few more inches of loft when needed. No baffles to stop it shifting to the middle, but it definitely helped.

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