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    I second the layers thing. On a mid-May trip in Shenandoah last year, the wind suddenly whipped up on a cloudless night and dipped below freezing. I was in a Clark NA (totally battened down) with an ancient 40* down bag, an old thermarest ridge rest and wearing every bit of clothing I had. The layers made it work. Couldn't move all that well, but I slept warm enough (and I've had far colder nights in a tent).

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    I also used my big Agnes q-core air mattress until I could afford an under quilt. Listen, it works but it's not fun. Mattress slides around in the Clark nx-250. It's not as fun or comfortable sleeping in them like u would w only an UQ. Take my advice find a way to buy the under quilt. It does not matter which one. I used to be a diehard have to be top of the line goose down guy, but I now know that a cheeper in price UQ from arrowhead equipment made from synthetic is just as good for those on a budget, as my 850 high end underground quilts UQ.

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    A few week ago I went out testing my home made isolations system in about 5C (41F) degrees. I brought with me a thermarest insulated air mattress just in case, which turned out to be a really good idea.

    My home made insulation system for my NX-250 consisted of 5cm foam mattresses cut into six 40x60cm pieces for the NX pockets. I made these last summer and they were TOO warm then, so I figured they'd work great in the spring too (winter never arrived in Sweden/Denmark this year). Unfortunately I had kept them in the stuff sack I bought for them, since summer. So they never really got to fully reinflate again that day. It actually took almost a week in the apartment later on. My other bit of attempted insulation, for the footed part consisted of a CCF mat cut to fit the velcro with a safety-aluminium-blanket glued to it and then velcro. That was a disaster and didn't work at all and I've now thrown it out completely.

    But here I was, in 5C degrees with just my thermarest insulated air mattress left. I had my doubts but tossed it in and inflated it. Hopped into my sleeping clothes and then I took and old down blanket I had laying around. During my time of frustration with the other failed insulation I had gotten quite cold. Both my hands and feet were freezing. But after about 5-10 minutes on the air mattress under my down blanket and with the weather shield closed up, I could start to feel how I got warmer and warmer.

    After about 45 minutes testing I got up and packed it all up, very surprised and satisfied with the air mattress in the NX-250. I had, from among other place this thread, read that the air mattress would slide around but it didn't at all. I did my best to simulate a terrible night of turning and twisting but the mattress stayed in place no problem at all.

    Although this is not the lightest nor nimblest of insulation solutions available, I could very well see myself taking it along in the future just as a extra insurance.

    Gear list for the successful test at 5C (41F) degrees:
    NX-250 Clark hammock
    Thermarest insulated air mattress
    Down blanket
    Insulated inflatable pillow
    GoreTex socks (1st layer)
    Wool socks (2nd layer)
    Sweat pants
    Warmpeace Sneaker jacket
    Warmpeace beanie

    Tomorrow I'll go out and do a similar test with the Snugpak Underblanket I have since acquired. They're promising 5C and storm, so it'll do nicely as a test. I'll definitely bring the air mattress as an extra insurance again.

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