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    a Wet wild Hang.

    Yep, other campers were, saying I'm nuts.. and kept asking me to join them in the tents.. NO NO.. warm happy..dry.. Just hated to get up to add more water to the area.. Rain soaked yea fast.

    Ah.. a great wild week-end, Went to Eastern Oregon camping. OH boy Lots of Rain & high winds With more Rain.

    Added some PVC to the Superfly for extra room inside.. Great for adding more room over the hammock. I used every tie out on the Tarp, to secure it. Using shock cord, really helps in high winds. The Hard rains hit, high 30 MPH plus winds were hitting me & the tree's.

    During the night, woke up to the high winds and the hammock moving side to side.. EH??.. Tree's were moving and rocking me as well. Next morning, seen about 20 plus tree's laying down in the area..

    Only thing I hate about tarp, have to hang it low in nasty weather.. means crawling inside bending over. Doors on the tarp, sure helps allot.. Once, all closed up was toasty inside.. with slight breeze whipping through.. slept warm. Now, my down under quilt was starting to absorb the wet air. Boots, even under my hammock were moist from the misting whipping past.

    a great test for the Tarp & Hammock.. and water drip lines.. Loved it!!!.

    Crappy cell camera shot. Of my nest for 2 day's of wild weather.

    Tarp, worked great in high winds & Rain. Only had one Leak on the stitching tie out. drip drip drip... Will add silicone to that to fix.

    Yep, Good Oregon Wet wild wind & Rain.
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    Nothing like hanging in the rain. But tarps make it a WHOLE lot better!!

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