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    Embroidered HF flags & patches

    Thanks to AngrySparrow for finding Devil Woman Flags.

    Devil Woman (her real name is Barbara) has machines for embroidering designs on nylon flags. These flags are tough; several of her designs are specifically made for flying from a car window!

    Barbara has set up links for ordering two types of flags for users. Pictured first is a Flag, then a Patch:

    The Flag is simply two Patches sewn together.

    Barbara will make a 10"X13.5" single sided PATCH to be sewn onto a hammock or tarp, for $10. Click here to purchase an HF PATCH to be sewn.

    Barbara will make a 10"X13.5" two sided FLAG to be flown, for $20. Click here to purchase an HF FLAG to be flown.

    I have ordered a sample, which will be delivered in a few days.
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