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    New guy wiht a tadpole question ?

    Hi Guys,

    I just got my 12 ft Black Tadpole with pull outs and I'm in the process of figuring out how I want to rig it. What is the recommended/best way to make the ridge line? I have flyz and lash-it (25 ft) which means I could easily do separate ridgeline on each end, or I also have enough other cordage to do a continuous ridge line. If you guys sugges CRL, is it safe to assume over the top rather than under the tarp? Would a CRL put too much strain on the tarp ties, as this is the 12 ft version?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Sweet. You picked a great tarp. Different people like to rig their tarps differently. I use seperate lines on each end and mini line-loks on the tie outs. If you use a CRL, I'd suggest running it over the tarp. Here's a quick video I did for a friend of mine a while back. I've since started using a dutch fly on one side (just for fun)

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    A CRL shouldn't put any more strain on the ridgeline of the tarp than individual tie-outs would. I can crank a line down hard enough to break any non-life-rated tie-out or line if I really want to (there're a couple of mechanical advantage knots out there that make this pretty easy--the trucker's hitch comes to mind, as does a toggle cow hitched into the line), and I could do this with either a CRL or a pair of lines. Matter of fact, a CRL includes a double point of failure that should give way before the tarp anyway (the two attachment points between the tarp and the CRL), so that's an added layer of security (assuming that you use something there that's weaker than the tarp fabric or tie-out material).

    That being said, have you seen Dejoha's CRL that only requires one side's adjustment? A couple of the folks at the Summer's Last Gasp Hang a couple of weeks ago had it, and it seemed really easy to set up and adjust.

    Personally, I prefer my CRL's above the tarp rather than below, for two reasons: one, it prevents drips from the CRL over the hammock (the tarp ends act as drip stoppers); and, two, it prevents any extra wear that might occur due to the line rubbing on the tarp (note that I've never heard of anyone experiencing tarp failure or even tarp wear due to this; I'm just hedging my bets here).

    Hope it helps!
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