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    Thumbs up I'm Just Sayin'

    I'd like to thank all the HF Cottage vendors, Dirty Girl, Dutch, as well as HF private members, Highbean, Dman, and XTrekker, for the honest representation of, products, pricing, and fast shipping.

    All were ordered or purchased from in the last 30 days, and every one came through on time and w/o a hitch. These were the finishing touches to my kit for the Hoosier HF Halloween Hang. Items ranged from, Cottage new and used, to DIY new and used.

    At the moment I am at the loss to tell the difference in quality or condition, between any of them. Thank you all very much and thank you for keeping and taking such good care of your gear for me.

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    I'll second that. I've been gathering materials for my first hammock. Ordered some items from and (DIY Gear Supply) and the product and service were top notch.

    I have no doubt I'll be a repeat customer or that I'll try out some of the others I've found on the forum. (I feel a need for titanium.)


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