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In conducting some recent research on cold weather insulation, I came across a very interesting forum debate dated way back in August 2009 on UQ length. I only attached Pan's remarks as I found them substantive and well reasoned. Insulation design and techniques have evolved since 2009 but I concur with Pan on this issue and believe it is more about simplification and still achieving the end result - a comfortable night's sleep.

Sometimes, we "gear lovers" over do it to the point our packs are heavy and setting up becomes a tedious chore with constant fiddling in the middle of the night. Then again, some enjoy the tinkering hence the "hike your own hike" (carry your own gear) philosophy. The full thread link back follows:


What's everyone's thoughts?

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Given that there are thousands of full length UQ out there, the current fad of fractional UQ is quite small... It just happens to be the in thing to talk about, especially by those following the current hammock design.

The majority of folk have found that a full length UQ is a hassle free approach that matches the comfort and convience approach that is why they went to a hammock in the first place.

Given that the use of fractional UQ usually requires a pad of near half pad size there is little weight saving and probable even extra bulk in the approach... This is especiall true for folk not not needing a large pad to serve as the "frame" of there pack, also this is significant when when a small 10-14 sit pad is quite sufficientfor sitting.

I would beg to differ with WB above, that a fractional quilt is safer because one has a pad to go to ground... Carrying a pad large enough and seasonally thick enough to go to ground is an added weight that anyone can choose to carry if they are unsure of their hammock set up...As a contrast I would offer that the additional coverage of a full length UQ, which also includes much greater side protection on average than minimal fractional UQ...Thus the probability of needing to go to ground, one might argue, is less in the first place...Finally, on the issue of safety, many have been caught out in unseasonable temp drops and found that adding thier small butt pad under the butt or under a shoulder enabled a comfortable safe nights sleep... This type of adjustment is not possible when the sit pad is routinely required for the legs and feet.

It is all a matter of hanging style...

While many of us here have bias on this subject, note that JRB sells not only full length UQ, but a fractional MW3 UQ. We also have a conversion "compliment" UQ to extend the fractional or Short MW3 to a full length UQ...So one has choices in this matter.

What do I personally carry? Full length UQs and as small of a sit pad as practical.