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    Claytor Kaq

    Just a quick word on the custom Claytor Kaq made for me. I used it last night with my claytor and an old rag mountain top quilt. Temperature was 53 degrees all night. I slept great but got too hot around 6am. I was in boxers and tshirt.

    I felt a lot of warmth coming from the kaq but it does take 30 minutes to warm up when you first get in. Most importantly it fits the claytor well and there are no cold spots.

    My kaq is overstuffed and it does look pretty big compared to the potomac kaq. It may well be a more bulky item when packed up but I ride a motorbike so its no big deal for me.

    John's service was as usual superb

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    I took it down to 36 degrees last night outside with a little wind blowing. The kaq worked fine. Not so the old rag mountain top quilt which didn't work very well. I think it may be because I was wearing a big down jacket. I am a big guy and the top quilt let a lot of cold air in.

    The kaq worked great however. No cold spots and generally cosy. However in my configuration of tall size and overstuffed it is somewhat bulky. I felt it could have got colder and it would have worked fine .

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    Just noticed my kaq has 3 pairs of loops along each side allowing me to clip the sides together creating a kind of peapod cocoon. Very nice touch for those colder nights.

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