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    Dutch Buckles in Holland?

    It sounds a bit strange maybe, but is anybody aware of a vendor of Dutch Buckles in Holland?

    As a Dutchman finding my way into hammock camping I would like to get my hands on a couple of them.

    For the setup that's taking shape in my mind based on the discussion in the "LNT Recommends 2-4-inch Webbing Straps"-thread I figure I need 4 of them.
    (which when deployed with the Mammut 1" tubular webbing and 4 small Whoopie slings made of 3 mm {1/8"} Marlow Excel D12 I have on hand, will offer the dear trees more protection than the 2-4" webbing straps the LNT-center has in mind, plus introduce some real redundancy in my suspension at quite a limited weight penalty )

    Thanks to Hamster (thread), dejoha, oldgringo and Talox think "V", multi-wrap basket hitch >> tidied up clove hitch, 4 Dutch Buckles and 4 Whoopie slings (or connecting ropes with spliced in soft shackles).

    Breaking strength of the setup: ridiculously overdimensioned!

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    I have to say that you're doing what engineers do best...over thinking the problem.

    If I'm understanding what you're thinking correctly, I would bring both ends of the strap together, tie a marlin spike hitch in them as if it was a single strap and hang a single whoopie sling on that.

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    I'll chime in here as a fellow Dutchman. There are sadly no vendors of Dutchware in the Netherlands. Only one I found was, but they are usually out of stock, and due to the price of the pound/dollar, it is probably cheaper to order directly from Dutchwaregear.
    Send me a PM, maybe we can work something out with combined shipping, I have been looking at a new whoopie suspension myself...

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