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Thread: UQ baffle size

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    UQ baffle size

    I was playing around with the calsplat down thingy trying to figure out some dimensions for my next project. One thing that struck me was the baffle width. What is the range in size if any should I be looking to achieve? At 48 inches wide. Baffle height at 2 inches and chamber height at 3 inches gives me a inner layer chamber width of 4 inches and a outer layer at 4.97. With 850 fill down and 12 chambers this gets me to 18 degrees. I have no idea if those sizes are good bad or indifferent. I would guess there is a sweet spot in size in reference to down migration and weight What do the pros use for chamber size?

    P.s. The only reason I used those dimensions was that each chamber would have 1 oz of down in it. Since I got one oz bags I thought this would be easier though I am not married to it.

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    No, that all looks correct. I assume your going with 72" for length. It looks like you have 0 % overstuff. These dimensions will give you a 3 season uq depending on if your a cold or warm sleeper.

    Most uq's have 9 baffles, but 12 baffles are not a problem. If you are getting down from WildernessLogics, they will put down in 1/2 oz bags if you ask them to.
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    Post #42 on this thread has a link to a very useful worksheet:

    The actual link:
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