Smee and I returned home safely... We had a truely enjoyable Hang...Always great to see old friends and meet new folk.

First we want to thank all of the vendors who have joined in the raffle support over the years... Fall MAHHA Vendors Doners included Papa Smurf at Dream Hammock, Stormcrow of Hammock Gear, Dutch of Dutchware, Tato, 2Q from 2QZQ. We would also like the many individuals that donated DIY and other items. By every estimate the prizes totalled over $3,000 retail value.

Raffle proceeds came to $1710.

Watoga pavillion and site rentals came to $675 or so. After consult with WV and Happy Camper we gave Watoga State Park $1000 for hosting us. (We are sure to be wecome back to this great site in the future... ).

Reimbursements for Burgers, dogs and buns came to $130.
Remibursements for Wings came to $ 50.
Reimbursement for Firewood deliver came to $ 40. (Note JD we nee a PM with your real world name and address... Thanks).

Remaining proceeds are donations to ATC of $100 and $390 to Hammock Forums/White Blaze.

Again, it was a pleasure to attend the Fall MAHHAand an honor to again host the raffle... Special thanks to WV, Dutch and Happy Camper for all their work to make it happen.

See you at the Spring MAHHA!