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    Quote Originally Posted by gargoyle View Post
    ummm, I wasn't there, but I want brownies.

    That ^^ is just too funny

    I guess brownies need to be on the menu for next year

    Oh, and I learned that the more I learn about DIY projects, the more I appreciate our wonderful vendors! I LOVE my Hammock Gear quilts, our Dutchware products are the best and you would have a very difficult time getting my JRB bridge hammock away from me. Time is precious and it takes a lot of time & work to make the quality products they supply. Thanks to all of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyCamper View Post
    OMG Ferret! This was the best one ever! EVER! EEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEEEEERRRR!!! THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER ONE LIKE IT!! Aliens landed, Harry Potter made it, we learned how to dehydrate water for backpacking. JD brought moonshine. Man, I can't believe you picked this one to miss.

    Thread drift! No way . . . I learned not to ever miss a MAHHA! Just like Ferret!
    HC, go easy on Ferret. He has probably learned his lesson.

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