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I'll pick up the ball but I'm not sure what to do with it
Picking Up the Ball.....Plan, answer everyones queries, be the Caretaker, bring all kinda extra stuff so Newbs don't freeze, Bring big coffee pots and pans for melting snow, go up and build the wood tri-pod for the Canadian fire, give everyone directions and maps over and over, plan the shared meals, be first in and last out, Keep telling everyone to get out and gather firewood, bring the biggest first aid kit, put everyone else's cares and whoas before your own, make sure everyone is happy and warm.
I think that is some of picking up the ball.
As this is a Deep Winter Hang it is very important to be on the ball as well.
I know that folks get excited and come to these without ever having hung in their hammocks in these temps and some find out that they just aren't prepared. We had temps -15º last year. Not fun if your not outfitted properly.
That said....I can't say that I can pick up the ball either at this point but will do what I can to make sure folks have a goodly and safe hang.