Considering the snow depth in the area of 20+ inches we will be fine with snow for water. It is not that big of a deal to carry a bit extra to assure there is enough

The current site has a great hang area with lots of hang spots for over 20
Trail in is reasonably level, usually packed base for most of the way
Good area to set up the canopy

Fire wood is available, but we will need to range out a bit wider for 3 days good burning

If Madhob gets a look at the options in the close area we should be fine.

I know there are other areas around, but a hang site reasonably protected from wind, with enough trees so we don't have to disperse far apart, and on a lake or water, is a bit hard to find.

I would say start looking for next season, and if a perfect spot is found, with an on site inspection, we can do it.
Now we are strapped for time before next Wed to get a "on site inspection" of any place, if no one has been there before.

Some of the other spots I know near Finland, near the SHT, are quite rough to get to with a pulk, have most everything, but enough trees to hang a group, and have been picked of firewood.

If someone allready knows a perfect spot, and has been there to confirm it I'm in